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How do I use the programs myself?

e-hub programs are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They were designed by leading researchers in the field of online mental health, with input from consumers and clinicians. Feedback from program users is also used to continue improving the programs.

Information to help you choose the best help for your situation:

» BluePages: Information about depression including how it feels, how it is diagnosed, the various kinds of help available and how to access them, and information about the scientific evidence for different types of help.
» e-couch 'information only' stream: Information about depression and anxiety disorders including how they are diagnosed, where you can get help, and which treatments work.

Self-help skills training to help you prevent or manage symptoms:

» MoodGYM: Skills training drawn from cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for depression. Research has shown that it can also be helpful for anxiety.
» e-couch full access: Skills training drawn from a range of psychological therapies for depression and anxiety disorders, as well as coping strategies for people experiencing divorce and grief.

You can start or stop using the programs at any time.

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» When and how should I use e-hub programs?

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