e-hub Self-Help Programs for Mental Health & Wellbeing

e-hub's suite of online self-help services is based on the best available evidence and evaluated through high quality research. They can be used anonymously, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. All programs are provided free of charge thanks to funding by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

Bluepages provides information on treatments for depression based on the latest scientific evidence, as well as symptom quizzes and relaxation downloads, and links to other helpful resources.

Beacon provides consumer and research reviews and rankings of online e-health programs for mental and physical health disorders.

MoodGYM is an interactive program for preventing and coping with depression that teaches self-help skills drawn from cognitive behaviour therapy.

e-couch provides self-help programs for depression, general anxiety and social anxiety using strategies drawn from cognitive behavioural and interpersonal therapies, relaxation, and physical activity. Programs for separation and divorce, and loss and bereavement are now available!

Blueboard is an online support group for people over the age of 18 years affected by depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and borderline personality disorder. Blueboard provides discussion space for consumers and carers and is moderated by consumers.

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